Standard Platters

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Hot Platter: Variety of 4-6 Meats                                         

10 Persons          R 395.00    


Cold Platter: Variety of 4-6 Meats

10 Persons             R 370.00


Sweet Platter: Variety of 4-6 Bites               

10 Persons          R 345.00


Sandwich Platter: Variety of 4-6 Fillings     

10 Persons          R 305.00


Cheese Tray: Variety of 4-6 Cheeses          

*Accompanied by crackers and fruit       

10 Persons          R 385.00


OR Platter combination of your own choice





Mini cheese and bacon quiches

Mini chicken pies

Chicken wings fried in barbeque sauce

Small meatballs


Cocktail sausage rolls

Cocktail bread rolls with shaved meat

Mini vetkoek and mince

Bacon cherry on stick

Fish in tomatoe sauce, pastry roll

Blue cheese biscuits

Ham and cheese pastry squares

Savoury tart squares

Cheese and vienna scones

Savoury cheese and marmite cake squares


Round biltong sandwich

Chilli bites

Mini crumpets/fritters

Petit pancake with a variety of fillings

Cocktail smoked or cheese viennas

Mini bread basket with cream cheese, salmon filling

Mini pizza squares



Mini lamingtons

“Horingtjie” filled with caramel or cream

Date truffels

Pastry basket “doppies” with filling: milktart/caramel or lemon


Mini scones with strawberry jam and cream

Chocloate biscuit squares

Puff pastry squares with orley whip/cream and caramel

Mini cheese muffins and jam

Crumpets with sweetcorn/apple

Meringue with caramel

Mini jam tarts


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