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Options if you wish to request your own platter:


  • Mini cheese and bacon quiches
  • Mini chicken pies
  • Chicken wings fried in barbeque sauce
  • Small meatballs
  • Samoosas
  • Cocktail sausage rolls
  • Cocktail bread rolls with shaved meat
  • Mini vetkoek and mince
  • Bacon cherry on stick
  • Fish in tomatoe sauce, pastry roll
  • Blue cheese biscuits
  • Ham and cheese pastry squares
  • Savoury tart squares
  • Cheese and vienna scones
  • Savoury cheese and marmite cake squares
  • “Wasgoedbondeltjies”
  • Round biltong sandwich
  • Chilli bites
  • Mini crumpets/fritters
  • Petit pancake with a variety of fillings
  • Cocktail smoked or cheese viennas
  • Mini bread basket with cream cheese, salmon filling
  • Mini pizza squares
  • Mini lamingtons
  • “Horingtjie” filled with caramel or cream
  • Date truffels
  • Pastry basket “doppies” with filling: milktart/caramel or lemon
  • Koeksusters
  • Mini scones with strawberry jam and cream
  • Chocloate biscuit squares
  • Puff pastry squares with orley whip/cream and caramel
  • Mini cheese muffins and jam
  • Crumpets with sweetcorn/apple
  • Meringue with caramel
  • Mini jam tarts
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